Dare to change

Christin Grube

Being part of fostering equality is my main motivator. Any change towards equality – education, financial resources, gender related or simply the chance to shape ones own future within ones own specific geographic region – can only be achieved as a combined effort by the global community. In my personal view every individual has their own responsibility to leverage their unique set of strength to be a driver of this change. Therefore I am working to becoming a leading expert in business development for technological innovations to drive societal and economical change .

Short Bio

Combining my driven personality with a reflective and empathetic nature, I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to solve complex problems successfully, creatively and sustainably.

  • Driver of business and product development within tech start-up industry and corporate strategy consulting
  • Connector between customers, stakeholders and IT
  • Market and business opportunity finder
  • Leader for IT projects and international teams